South Africa’s dedicated classic restoration workshop

Dino’s Classic Restoration is South Africa’s first automotive restoration workshop that is dedicated to classic cars. We are passionate about all classics and cater for every project, whether it is rebuilding one of the world’s most rare beauties such as the Porsche RS or getting granddad’s first VW Beatle back on the road.

To us, each model of each classic, from historic cars to post war vehicles to newer models, has her splendour.

With state of the art workshop facilities and over 40 years of experience in the industry, we take pride in rebuilding, refurbishing or repairing your prize motoring asset. And our partnership with Glasurit, an international paint specialist with over 100 years of experience in classic paintwork ensures that we restore your classic’s original finish. Glasurit presides over the world‘s largest colour library which will enable us to match the car’s original colour perfectly.

To us, each car has a glorious past in form and function and an individual story of miles travelled, and sights accelerated through with people. What’s more is that each classic car has a future road to travel, as it carries the ultimate experience of motoring excellence through to next generations of car enthusiasts.

Classic Car Restoration

…because your classic’s history and class is important.

As an owner and enthusiast of a classic, it is critical to have an able and equally passionate classic car partner; one who can help you maintain the former glory of your one in a million. At Dino’s Classic Restorations we consider it our responsibility to usher your beauty back to her original perfection. Ferrari, Porsche, Mini, Jaguar, Aston Martin, VW … it doesn’t matter what model you need work done on. We are skilled in classic restoration across the needs spectrum, from partial restoration to bare metal restoration, bodywork rebuilding or simply a re-spray. We take the utmost care and precision every step of the way, on every project.

Muscle Car Restoration

…because your classic was built perfect the first time.

For the motoring enthusiasts who loves American muscle cars, we are the workshop for you. Our muscle car specialisation extends from rebuilding shells of these masculine machines to partial restoration and re-spraying. Our knowledge in function and form of these once in a lifetime cars delivers you a driving experience of ultimate freedom, old school style. From Mustangs to Hemi-Cudas, we’ve worked on them all.

Glasurit Classic Colours

…because your classic’s authentic colour can be matched.

At Dino’s Classic Restorations we work with the world’s renowned classic car paint specialist, Glasurit who have over 100 years of experience in this specialisation. Glasurit presides over the world‘s largest colour library, enabling us to provide you with professional support in all aspects of paint, or the painting of your classic. Our mission is to deliver the perfect finish to your car, whether through a panel repair, cosmetic damage repair or total re-spray to original colour. Through this offering we present you with the ultimate in refinishing your motoring treasure.

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Classic Accident Repair

…because we can’t let accident damage keep your classic out of action.

In the event of accident damage, we step in with attention to detail and good old fashioned TLC for your classic car. At Dino’s Classic Restorations we have decades of experience in accident repair, from ironing out minor bumper bashings to repairing major structural damage. In our workshop these jobs are all about getting you and your classic back on the road through perfection and ease.

Classic Restoration Journey

…because your classic has many more miles to do with you.

Your classic has a unique soul and a rare story and in restoring her to her original self, we believe that she will continue to feature in your story. Because of this we can photographically document the restoration process for you. We don’t just hand you the keys to your restored and refinished car, but an important chapter in your classic’s story.